Any useful article out of place is what becomes GARBAGE. Nothing is ever useless! Japan has decided to make Japan GARBAGE FREE by 2020. HOW? By using every piece of what is GARBAGE to make something USEFUL. They are segregating household garbage into as many as 44 different categories. WHAT CAN WE DO?

Let us minimize the quantity of garbage we create every day in our households, in our offices and workplaces. HOW? By keeping track of things we use repeatedly and by doing everything methodically, without wasting time in postponing what must be done right NOW. A few working rules would be helpful:

(i) Minimize the garbage by minimizing the use of polythene and plastics as well as by reusing what plastic items or polythene bags we already have. Plastic and polythene reused are a BLESSING but as garbage they are a CURSE.

(ii) REUSE, RECYCLE & REDUCE CONSUMPTION of various items of daily use to economize on your resources. You would generate less GARBAGE.

(iii) Have JUTE CARRY-BAGS and refuse polythene bags when you go shopping.

(iv) Have arrangements made in your house or workplace to segregate BIODEGRADABLE matter from the NON-DEGRADABLE garbage. If the biodegradable matter can be composted in your own compound, DO SO. The rest could be left at you gate for the local society or municipality to lift on a daily basis.

(v) The local society or MOHALLA SAFETY & SANITATION COMMITTEE should have arrangements to collect your biodegradable and other garbage separately for composting or disposal in other ways in coordination with the municipality. Always INSIST that garbage is not burnt or swept into the drains by keeping a watchful eye on the SAFAI KARMCHARIS of the municipality. Burning garbage pollutes the environment by releasing poisonous gases and smoke which can choke people to death. Sweeping garbage into the drains clogs them, thereby ensuring that rainwater in the Monsoon season would flood the streets of your town.

(vi) ANY SUSPICIOUS PACKET wrapped in polythene and kept near GARBAGE DUMPS or anywhere else should immediately be reported to the police and a watchful eye be kept to warn people to keep away from such articles. This could be dangerous explosive waiting to blow up!

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