Titan Company Limited has launched a program called Design Impact Movement (Read More) with REACHA as the primary partner. This movement seeks to help aspiring innovators amongst the country’s youth reach their potential while also giving back to the society. It intends to inspire young

people to take up designing for social impact and help them in the creation of their products for the same, if any.

The Project aims at creating an awareness for and promoting tangible design innovations that solve pressing social issues and provide an ecosystem which connects all the entities in the product design space from the problem source to the public.

Strengthening the Design Impact Awards:

The engagement is a natural evolution of the Design Impact Awards (https://designimpactawards.titan.in/) program from supporting grantees who are creating product designs for social impact to inspiring more young minds to design for social impact This will further strengthen the Awards in future editions, both with the number and the quality of participation through direct outreach of the Movement and the public recall of the brand.

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