IBM has partnered with REACHA for outreach and implementation of its Free Skilling platform IBM SkillsBuild. REACHA is the country partner of IBM and is implementing IBM SkillsBuild programme across the country.

SkillsBuild offers free online courses on various technology related topics such as Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, Cyber Security, UNIX, Full Stack Web Development, along with other soft skills necessary for employability. Skillsbuild is a free platform and bears no direct or hidden costs to Institute/Students.

Skillsbuild Platform provides the following -
  • Aims at providing job seekers, including long-term unemployed, school dropouts, migrants and veterans worldwide, with the digital content, personalized coaching and experiential learning they need to gain technical and professional skills to re-enter the workforce.
  • Access to digital content on subjects like Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity, Data Science.
  • Training to trainers, and learners etc. is undertaken via online workshops, webinars, masterclasses, and Project Base Learning (PBL) sessions (that include live projects with experts from market).
  • Works collaboratively with partner institutions to spread awareness about IBM SkillsBuild platform and e-skilling of learners on futuristic skills courses which are carried out by institutions.
  • Provides technical support and mentorship to learners on the platform.

REACHA's Role in IBM SkillsBuild


  • Arranging Professional training via IBM Mentors/Other Experts.
  • Placement facilitation and Counselling by Experts.
  • Arranging workshops and webinars by Industry experts from across the globe.
  • Live Projects to master skills under Project Based Learning.

Benefits for Colleges/Students and Faculty

  • Alignment with new National Education Policy (NEP-2020)
  • Better campus placement opportunities to students.
  • No financial implication to college/students (direct/hidden).
  • Increase chances of getting quality freshers in colleges.
  • Professional training to students.
  • Bring current market technologies directly to students.
  • Hands on experience on relevant market skills.
  • Industry expert advice and counselling.
  • Live project work under Project Based Learning.
  • After completion of courses/Project Based Learning - Randstad and Jeevitam (IBM placement facilitation partner) facilitate job opportunities to SkillsBuild learners.
  • Better opportunities and increase in students' confidence.