Students and teachers at the Chinar 9 Jawan Club, Baramulla are starting to learn computational and generative art via the Kojo programming/learning environment. The basic idea is to:

• Create attractive products like T-shirts, bags, cups, caps, back-packs, etc based on designs generated within Kojo.
• Create entrepreneurship opportunities around these products.


Kojo is an open source App that runs on Linux, Windows, and Mac. It is a Learning Environment – where youngsters (from ages 8 to 80!) play, create, and learn:

• They play with Scala programs.
• They create drawings, animations, games, and Arduino based intelligent circuits (with appropriate additional hardware).
And they learn:
• Logical, Critical, and Creative thinking
• Computer programming and Computing
• Problem solving
• Math and Physics
• Game development
• Electronics and Robotics
• Artificial intelligence and data science
• Emotional grit
• Collaboration (via pair programming)
And a lot more.....

Very importantly, they also learn how to learn with understanding – given the opportunity to apply learned ideas to many different situations, and the exploration, discovery, and creation involved in this process.

All of this fosters in them a mindset of experimentation, innovation, self-reliance, growth, mental discipline, and teamwork – with Kojo as the enabler.

More About Kojo


The Chinar 9 Jawan Club is run by the Indian Army as part of Operation Sadbhawana, and funded by various corporates like ONGC, Genpact, Nasscom Foundation.

Kojo has been taken up as part of support by Genpact/Nasscom Foundation - with the objective to introduce the youth to coding, fashion designing, product manufacturing, and market linkages. This will empower the youth, especially women, by providing them not only the capacity to learn, design and manufacture better, but also provide them invaluable livelihood enhancement opportunities.

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