Over the past years, REACHA has focused deeply to train students across India to learn 21st century skills using Coding in Kojo Learning Environment (Kojo) with an aim to promote education, skill development, and community development in underserved communities.

World is undergoing rapid changes which are powered by technologies like artificial intelligence and big data, and how the need of the hour in the education system is to empower students to learn “future-proof” fundamental skills like critical thinking, creative thinking, problem-solving, learning how to learn, multidisciplinary thinking, computational thinking, and more. Coding on a regular basis by students, in the right kind of environment like Kojo can enable all of these.

Read what Martin Odersky, the creator of Scala Computer Programming Language, has to say about Kojo.[Read More]

Key Kojo Stats :

  • Kojo Kalpana: Working with schools across India to introduce students and teachers to the Kojo open-source learning environment. More than 60 teachers and 900 students have been trained in Kojo through this initiative.
  • Kojo Baramulla: Total of 240 students have been trained in basic computer and coding, where more than 80 students have given their assessments and 60 students have been delivering Kojo coding classes in the identified government schools.
  • Kojo has been included in Goa's SCERT curriculum for standard 7th and 8th elective where more than 8000 students have been trained in Kojo. More than 60 teachers in Goa have been trained in Kojo.
  • Lund University, Sweden: Around 11,000 students and 340 teachers have taken the 1.5 days course in Kojo in past 4 years.
  • REACHA also has a partnership with Regional Science Centre (RSC), Uttarakhand Council for Science & Technology (UCOST), an autonomous body of the Government of Uttarakhand (UCOST) to roll out Kojo in Uttarakhand to promote coding. REACHA technical team has been upskilling and training computer teachers in Coding through Kojo across Uttarakhand.
  • Some other stats (Kojo coverage across globe):
    • Downloads – 175000+
    • Countries – 180+
    • Students – 30000+
    • Instructors trained – 100+
    • Schools – 350+

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Indian Rupee based CSR funding, other donations*, and FCRA based foreign funding – are powerful ways to bring the benefits of Kojo/coding to children across Bharat/India through projects – to enable them to learn essential skills for the 21st century, aligned with NEP 2020.

For Kojo, REACHA is Kogics Foundation’s exclusive Implementation, Assessment & Certification Partner with regard to the above. Mentorship for these projects is provided by Lalit Pant, the Kojo Creator and Lead Developer.

If you want to fund a project in this area, please send an email to mudit@reacha.org. https://www.kogics.net/funding REACHA is actively working on projects in the space of "21st Century skills through coding, aligned with NEP 2020 and NCF 2023", and has strong competency in this area REACHA exclusively uses Kojo/Scala for such projects