MP, IBM and REACHA's Association

Mr Nikhil Pant, CEO, REACHA and Mr Hitesh Goyal, Head, Projects & Partnerships met Hon'ble Minister Smt. Yashodhara Raje Scindia, Minister of Technical Education and Skill Development and Employment, Government of Madhya Pradesh. She welcomed our proposal to sign an MoU with IBM for IBM SkillsBuild with REACHA as implementing partner on lines of the Government of Goa Model.

MoU was signed between IBM India Private Limited and Directorate of Technical Education and Directorate of Skill Development, Government of Madhya Pradesh for IBM SkillsBuild Programme on 10th May, 2022, with REACHA being the implementing partner.

Directorate of Skill Development, Madhya Pradesh organized an 'ITI and Industry Linkage Meet, Madhya Pradesh' on Wednesday, 25 May 2022. Mr Nikhil Pant, CEO, REACHA and Mr Hitesh Goyal, IBM Project Head, REACHA, represented REACHA and IBM SkillsBuild at the platform.

Mr Jitendra Singh Raje, IAS, Director, Skill Development, Government of Madhya Pradesh, delivered the welcome address speech and Mr Akash Tripathi, IAS, Principal Secretary, Department of Technical Education, Skill Development and Employment, Government of Madhya Pradesh, shared the opening remarks. Mr Hitesh Goyal presented a detailed overview of the IBM SkillsBuild programme.

IBM SkillsBuild Rollout in Madhya Pradesh FY 2022-24


REACHA is a community-based Non-Government Organisation (NGO) with a mission to deliver high impact to human development sectors like education, health, skilling of youth, women's empowerment etc. To do this, it works closely with beneficiary underprivileged communities on need-based projects- partnering Govt, CSR, Civil Society and Academic Institutions, leading to optimum outcomes. A key approach is to get all stakeholders together-for co-creation, convergence and collaboration. REACHA is the implementing partner of IBM SkillsBuild program.

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